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Tutorial services are types of academic intervention to help students cope with their lessons. There are now many tutorial agencies who are offering services of this kind and parents are at times are left undecided which to choose. When you this webpage, we hope to provide you with the best information about private tutoring services designed to help your children improve their school performance.

What we Offer

Tutoring Services LLC offers an alternative intervention to help students understand their lessons and be ready for the next academic level. We are composed of proficient, competent, and friendly tutors in Bridgeport CT who are experienced in handling subjects such as Mathematics, Reading, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Reading, History, and many more. They are also trained to handle any academic level, from kindergarten to high school, and even college level. We also cater to individuals who are planning to get into some graduate and undergraduate studies and need to pass some standardized examination such as GRE, GMAT, SAT and Praxis. Praxis tests are administered to those who want to obtain teacher certificate. We train them ways how to answer these exams and avoid the common mistakes the examinees commit during the actual exams.

Aside from academic tutoring, our competent tutors provide homework help and assist their tutees in preparing for any form of examination. Our private tutors help their tutees develop better and effective study habits so that they will be able to learn how to study well, prepare for their exams, and do their homework by themselves with confidence. Tutees will be encouraged to express or ask questions about their lessons.

Our tutoring services are in the form of online tutoring and home-based tutoring methods. Online tutors conduct tutoring with the use of internet access and computer unit equipped with headset and webcam. Our home tutors are allowed to go to the homes of their tutees for their private tutoring sessions. Our experienced and friendly tutors come to the sessions well-prepared with sufficient and advanced knowledge and equipped with learning materials to make the learning process easy and simple to understand – and exciting!

Our clients and tutors in Bridgeport CT undergo intensive interviews and background check for safe tutoring. With us, your children are helped to become responsible, self-reliant, and confident learners. At reasonable tutoring rates which are based on the state’s tutoring pricing, your children will be provided with the best academic help.

Entrust your children with our private tutoring services to help your children achieve their academic goals which shall be their strong foundation for successful career life ahead of them.

Contact us by sending email through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call us through the phone number located at the upper right side of our webpage and let us discuss how we can help your children in their academic endeavors.

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