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Teaching is considered as one of the oldest and most stable professions in the world. It comes with many challenges but the nobility of teaching profession never change. The compensation and benefits for the teacher with teacher certification differ from one state to another. Aside from these teaching job opportunities, there are other forms of teaching jobs available for teachers which are called tutoring which is also in-demand in our times today.

Being a teacher, it needs a lot of patience, dedication, hard work and unquestionable commitment to shaping the learners and their future. While most of the load of their tasks is in developing effective lessons plans and strategies in accordance to the educational objectives and goals of the government. The crucial part is in their role of shaping the minds and hearts of these students, seen as the future leaders of our country.

To become a licensed teacher, you will need to finish a bachelor’s degree and pass several standardized examinations, including Praxis, to get a teacher certification. You can get list of the requirements from the State Department of Education or just visit their official webpage and search for the things or information you need to know to get the license for teaching.

For individuals who are interested to teach in schools and have the necessary teaching experience, may now obtain the teacher certification. Due to high demand for teachers, the government has created a program for individuals who want to teach but do not have the bachelor’s degree in education. The Alternative Certification program is developed to address to the problem of the shortage of teachers nationwide. You can visit the state’s Department of Education to ask for information how you can avail of this program. Or you can go online through their official webpage.

If you are a licensed teacher and you are looking for part time jobs where you can earn extra money, tutoring is the best option for you. You do not need to learn new knowledge and skills because tutoring is also teaching in nature but is more personalized.

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