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School ratings are indicators that show the learning proficiency of the students on selected subjects chosen by the government. Higher ratings mean that the school is achieving its educational goals and objectives set by the government. Lower ratings may mean that the school needs to improve in some areas. Whatever be the results of the examinations that measure the students learning proficiency, the parents and the community are informed to help the school motivate the students to study harder and obtain better grades.

The collaborative efforts of the state and the national educators in tracking the performance of the schools are based on the mandate of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 which is also called as NCLB. It refers to the 2001 Elementary and Secondary Education Act or ESEA where the academic programs geared towards enhancing the learning efficiency of the students which are measured through examinations administered by the government. It aims at all students in all schools who must obtain sufficient learning and competence in Language Arts, Reading, and Mathematics by 2014. To achieve this goal, the educational system for every state, including the State of Connecticut, has improved its systems and makes sure that their local education agencies or LEAs to show their progress every year. With this law in place, each state was able to develop their school rating scheme.

The National Assessment of Educational Progress or NAEP evaluates the learning efficiency of the American students received from their classroom instructions. NAEP refers to the educational program created by the National Center Statistics or NCES. The NAEP results provide useful data on the educational performance of the students in different subjects. It also serves as the Nation’s Report Card where it measures some chosen subjects including mathematics, science, reading, and writing. Other subjects like History, Geography, Civics, Economics, and Arts are evaluated annually. The students, parents, and the school work together in preparing their students for these evaluations. Usually, parents employ tutors to help their children improve their knowledge and competence.

Tutoring Services LLC offers high quality tutoring services served by our proficient, experienced, and friendly tutors in Bridgeport CT. It aims at helping students who are academically-challenged and those who are struggling in their studies. Our tutorials come in two forms, namely, online tutoring and home-based tutoring methods. Our online tutors use the technology of internet connection and computer with its basic accessories like webcam and headset to conduct the tutoring sessions. Home-based tutoring, also called as home tutoring method, allows the home tutors to go to the homes of their tutees for the private tutoring. Our competent and friendly tutors are well-prepared with sufficient knowledge, competence, and learning materials to make the learning process simple and easy to understand and – exciting!

Aside from academic tutoring, our experienced private tutors provide homework help and help their tutees prepare for any form of exams. They also help their tutees develop effective study habits so that they will be able to learn to study, do their homework, and prepare for exams with confidence!

We also cater to individuals who are preparing to enter into graduate courses and need to pass some standardized examinations including GMAT, GRE, SAT, and Praxis. Praxis is administered to potential teachers who are working on their teacher certification. Our private tutoring aims at training these potential examinees to avoid the common mistakes the examinees make during the actual examinations.

Our clients/tutees and tutors have all underwent through interviews and background check to ensure safe tutoring. With our tutoring rates in Bridgeport CT, we will be able to provide you with the best and high quality tutoring services that can contribute to better and higher school ratings.

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